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Prevention is better than cure

Keeping your business safe by implementing a security review by Mike O’Neill, Chairman of the British Security Industry Association’s Specialist Services Section

Counter terrorism training

With heightened levels of security across the UK and an ever-present threat of terrorist activity spanning the globe, security training companies are playing an increasingly prevalent role in helping Army personnel to deal appropriately with terrorist incidents and threats

Technology and teamwork

With security technology continually developing, is the role of the traditional security officer in decline? James Kelly, Chief Executive of the British Security Industry Association, explains why a mix of people and technology is still the most effective approach to business security.

Sunny days

With Summer, weather conditions in the United Kingdom are never predictable and it can be hard to judge the amount of heating and lighting that a building may require on any given day. Schools may be particularly conscious of this fact, with creating a comfortable environment for students to learn in being a key priority.

State of surveillance

Research released last year by the British Security Industry Association has highlighted the use of CCTV surveillance in the UK, and has raised important questions about the need to regulate the CCTV sector. By Amanda Caton, Head of Communications at the BSIA.

Winter is coming

How to own the night this winter.

Eye on the prize

It is important not to overlook the security professionals responsible for driving the industry forward and delivering the reputable services that are essential to UK society.

BSIA partners with Skills for Security in landmark move

The British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has today announced a new partnership with Skills for Security, in a landmark move that brings the sector skills body firmly back within the remit of the industry.

Advances in CCTV

CCTV has been criticised in the past, with some concerned that the technology is becoming too invasive as the quality improves.

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