Safetyflex Barriers designs new surface-mounted, crash-rated street furniture product

Safetyflex Barriers designs new surface-mounted, crash-rated street furniture product

Safetyflex Barriers, the world-leading manufacturer of anti-terrorism bollards and barriers based in Coventry, has added a uniquely designed surface-mounted product to its innovative crash-rated range of street furniture that can stop vehicle threats in public places.

The surface-mounted barriers do not require any foundations or ground fixings so can provide instant protection on a permanent or temporary basis, and are supplied with a bespoke cladding that means they can also be used as functional street furniture and attractive planters.

They are crash-tested to industry standards BSI PAS68 and IWA14 to withstand impact at speeds of up to 50mph.

Safetyflex has already received orders to install them at key buildings, public realm spaces and shopping centres across the UK.

The company has also been granted a UK patent, meaning Safetyflex now has more than 30 of its products patented in the UK and around the world.

Marcus Gerrard, director at Safetyflex, said: “We’ve been asked by many city centre projects for a crash-rated planter solution with a shallow foundation, so our design team came up with a surface-mounted, crash-rated product that can be used as a planter or street furniture with absolutely no need for foundations.

“After a year of research and development, we believe they are truly innovative and a real game changer because of the flexibility and functionality they offer while still providing industry-leading security protection.

“They can be picked up and relocated to suit changing needs, as we have seen in town and city centres during the Covid-19 pandemic, and adds to our range of crash-rated street furniture which already includes bike racks and signposts.

“As the world begins to open up and large-scale gatherings slowly resume, our latest products will allow us to help our customers react quickly to emerging and changing threats to public safety and security, with a desirable effect because while these new products will look pleasing to the eye, no-one will be aware that what is hidden inside is a crash-rated, anti-terrorist solution.”

Safetyflex Barriers is part of the GME Springs group which has over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing suspension systems for the automotive, rail and MOD sectors. It has put its experience of spring technology into the design and manufacture of anti-terrorist security barriers and bollards that meet BSI and IWA standards.

The company is continuing its expansion into Australia where its bollards and barriers are installed at a number of high-profile locations across the country, including in the city of Melbourne where bollards from its Truckstopper range protected shoppers during an incident on Bourke Street Mall on 28 January, 2021.

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