Traka takes care of key management at kingston hospital NHS foundation trust

Traka takes care of key management at kingston hospital NHS foundation trust

Traka’s intelligent key management system has been installed at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, to achieve its objectives for more efficient security processes to benefit staff on a 24 / 7 basis.

Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust cares for more than half a million patients a year, from across Kingston, Richmond, Elmbridge (Surrey), Merton, Wandsworth and Sutton.

In its most recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) review, it was rated as “Outstanding” for overall quality and leadership. And continues a shared objective, to deliver care that connects organisations, within systems and partnerships.

To enable success, key management from the main reception area was highlighted as an issue impacting on time and resources, where there was too great a reliance on manual processes including recording key locations on paper. This was a particular problem out of hours.

A more automated management solution was required, to provide Security Managers with instant accountability amongst staff of who had keys in their possession, enabling the smooth running of the hospital and continuation of excellent patient care across all its facilities.

Says Liam Topham, Security Manager at Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: “Hospitals such as Kingston present a complex security challenge. With 48 different buildings covering a large site, and many keys in operation, it was becoming a challenge for our already busy reception area to manage and ensure their safe return, especially at staff handovers.

“We needed a smarter solution, but one that was simple to operate and quick to respond, with no disruption to the hospital running. Traka presented standalone resources designed to meet the specific needs of the hospital with excellent technical support. The added security benefit is the audit control with alerts sent to our security teams if keys haven’t been returned. The cabinet has been well received and staff are especially happy with the time being saved.”

Kingston Hospital has installed Traka’s intelligent key cabinet, with accommodation for 50 keys to operate across the hospital. With specialist software allowing for central management control, a full audit trail is available of all key transactions. This has already saved the reception area time and resources allocated to key management, allowing more focus on patient experience.

Ben Farrar, Traka Market Development Manager added: “From a patient’s point of view, hospitals are an open facility, where healthcare is provided and family and friends can provide support to those recovering. Behind the scenes, for staff, patients and visitors, security measures need to be put into place to maintain this atmosphere and minimise any risk of time delays to patient care.

“Within Kingston’s security portfolio, the adaptability of the Traka technology allowed us to work with the Security team to supply a bespoke solution. Not only can the systems look to enhance key management across the site, but also improve communications, operations and workflow. The audit trail capability adds to better management of keys, and this all combines to operate 24 / 7 / 365 for the ongoing benefit and security of all staff, patients and visitors."

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