“People are craving connection” - Gallagher Security observes shift in security industry events

“People are craving connection” - Gallagher Security observes shift in security industry events

As 2023 nears its close, award-winning global security manufacturer, Gallagher Security, is sharing key observations from some of the year’s biggest industry events; chief among them, the rising importance of community building these events facilitate.   

Executive Vice President – the Americas, Scott Elliott, who has been attending industry events such as ISC West, GSX, and, most recently, the Access Control Summit (ACS) throughout his 20-year career, attributes the growing need for connection to the changing digital frontier, which he calls “a seismic shift reshaping the industry’s foundational elements.”  

Scott elaborates: “The digital transformation of the security industry is a multifaceted journey involving the recalibration of people, processes, products, and systems. It's about fostering a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and agility, and the industry must embrace this transformation, not as a choice, but as a necessity to navigate the challenges of the future.  

The events I attended this year made it abundantly clear that people need the opportunity to gather and learn from each other to facilitate that growth. I saw it first-hand at GSX and in the thought-provoking conversations at ACS in September, where I shared some of these observations about the impact this digital transformation is having on the people in our industry. The metamorphosis we’re undergoing is not just a technological one; it’s about reimagining and reengineering the entire security ecosystem to be more resilient, agile, and innovative, and our industry events can be a key driver of that movement.” 

Melissa Vidakovic, Director of Marketing – the Americas, says that the emotional impact from the transformation is already underway: “If what I witnessed at Gallagher’s booth at GSX is any indication, people are craving connection. We prepared our booth to showcase Gallagher’s products and solutions, but it became so much more than that and felt like a hub for sharing and networking. For example, we hosted a happy hour at the end of the second day and about 50 people stuck around so long after it ended that we were the last to leave the floor. We knew it would draw people in, but the power of it took me by surprise – I'm still hearing from people who joined us, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.” 

As the digital transformation continues to upend the security industry, gathering as a community to share ideas will become a critical component for expediting and navigating the way forward. 

“Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum,” Scott concludes. “Each new technology, feature, and tool introduced to the market propels the entire security industry forward. We observe, we learn, and then we turn inward to our own products and services and ask ourselves “how can we do better?” Those who recognize that sharing holds this power are the true leaders, and their willingness to step forward challenges the industry at large to rise to the occasion.”  

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