New Net2 tutorial series available for Paxton installers

New Net2 tutorial series available for Paxton installers

Paxton, the international security manufacturer, have produced a new series of Net2 tutorials to support their installers with the latest features in their innovative access control software. The short informative videos provide guidance on how to make buildings COVID-secure with Net2. 

The unprecedented nature of the coronavirus has led many businesses and building developers around the world considering how people can move safely around their sites, maintain social distance, and ensure their business remains economically productive in the months ahead. In what seems to now be ‘the new normal’, varying degrees of social restrictions are likely to remain in place across many countries.

Gareth O’Hara the Chief Sales Officer for Paxton explains: “We recognise the role that access control has to play in making buildings safer and limiting the spread of the coronavirus. As a technology company, we wanted to provide a solution that addresses the problems posed by the pandemic and help people to safely return to work”.

Since the start of the pandemic, Paxton have introduced several updates to their flagship access control system, Net2. The access control solution is installed globally in variety of commercial and public sector buildings, as well as critical sites such as schools, hospitals, and laboratories.

Gareth O’Hara further explains: “Net2 is installed in many different types of buildings across the world. Making those sites safer for people during the pandemic means a lot to our installers and their end users. Due to this, we have seen an increase in demand for contactless and thermal scanning technology. So we have developed the features of Net2, and created some extra functionality that really does help make a difference.”

To roll out these updates quickly and efficiently, as well as provide simple and useful information for their installers and end-users, Paxton have produced five easy to digest tutorial videos. Each of which showcase the new features and the potential to reduce contamination among users on site.

  • Contactless access control – hygienic access via touchless entry and exit points, moving away from touch-based devices, specifically referenced in UK government guidelines
  • Flexible access permissions – meet social distancing guidelines, limit access to high traffic areas and implement a one-way flow of movement
  • Occupancy management – assign visitors and staff to designated areas and monitor people numbers with alerts to further support social distancing
  • Thermal scanning – use thermal cameras to support health and wellbeing in high security areas and identify people that could be at risk
  • Checkpoint Control - set designated checkpoints in specific areas of a building where users must be validated before they can access other areas


Alongside the software updates and tutorials, Paxton’s on-demand webinar is also available to help new and existing installers to identify how access control can help make their specific sites secure and in line with current government guidance. Follow the link to watch Paxton’s definitive guide to COVID-secure buildings.

You can also find out more information on Paxton’s dedicated COVID resources page on their website.