Magenta Security continues its carbon neutrality streak and achieves zero emissions for another year

Magenta Security continues its carbon neutrality streak and achieves zero emissions for another year

Magenta Security, a pioneering provider of environmentally friendly security solutions, proudly announces its ongoing commitment to sustainability with the successful verification of its carbon neutral status for the period from 25th May 2022 to 24th May 2023. The company has maintained its dedication to minimizing its environmental impact, achieving a market-based carbon footprint of 0.00 tCO2e during this assessment period.

Having exceeded its original goal of becoming Carbon Zero+ by 2025, without the need for offsetting, Magenta Security has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to a greener future. This verification reaffirms the company's ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world.

Over the years, Magenta Security has consistently led by example and embraced environmentally responsible practices. By utilising a solar panel array at their Walbrook Business Centre headquarters, Magenta generates on-site electricity, substantially reducing its reliance on traditional energy sources. Additionally, the company's transition to a 100% renewable electricity tariff from Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) further solidifies their green energy commitment.

The company's vehicle fleet has also undergone significant transformation. The fleet now consists of battery-powered Peugeot 2008 electric vehicles, charged directly from the solar panels on-site. This transition has resulted in substantial emissions reduction, a testament to Magenta's innovation and dedication to environmental sustainability.

Abbey Petkar, Managing Director of Magenta Security, expressed his pride in the achievement, stating, "Our team's consistent hard work and dedication to sustainability have propelled us to achieve these remarkable results. We are not only meeting but exceeding our carbon neutrality goals, showcasing our commitment to a greener future. Our focus on environmental responsibility, from solar power adoption to our electric vehicle fleet, has positioned us as industry leaders in sustainability."

Magenta's proactive approach extends beyond its own operations, as the company engages with a range of initiatives to offset its impact. Through a school age program that educates children about tree planting benefits, an additional 5 tonnes of carbon are offset annually. Magenta's holistic efforts encompass every aspect of their operations, demonstrating their comprehensive commitment to environmental stewardship.

By achieving this continued carbon neutral status, Magenta Security solidifies its role as a leader in environmental responsibility within the security industry. The company remains committed to exploring new ways to minimise its environmental footprint, contributing to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced future.

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