Enhanced data analytics and reporting unleash the real power of electronic access control

Enhanced data analytics and reporting unleash the real power of electronic access control

Could the data your access control system generates reveal priceless business insights? In many businesses today, the answer is Yes. The problem is how to analyse that data quickly and accurately to bring valuable, digestible business benefits.

As reported by the Houston Chronicle, “Data is at the core of nearly every business decision made”*. A new Reporting & Analytics Tool for CLIQÒ access control systems enables security and facility managers to extract, visualize and analyse the data fromheir own premises.

CLIQ is a wireless access control system based on programmable electronic and electromechanical keys, cylinders and padlocks. The system can be managed securely from anywhere with an internet connection via the CLIQ Web Manager (CWM).

The CWM’s new Reporting & Analytics Tool makes all system data easy to understand and to export, to share with staff and stakeholders across the business. If data really is the “new oil of the digital economy”, this new Tool helps CLIQ wireless access control customers tap it efficiently**.

The new CWM Tool streamlines decision-making, informing it with data drawn from the security system. It also frees security managers from their desk: All the Tool’s data and functionality are available inside the Amazon QuickSight app for Apple and Android systems***. Any authorized person within the organization can access its valuable insights, from anywhere in the world.

Visual dashboards for faster analysis

This new Tool helps an access control system to do more than just keep people and assets safe. Data the system generates every day can contribute to business success.

A clear, visual layout helps managers to spot relevant data — and any anomalies — at a glance. A bespoke dashboard offers a rapid system overview to help identify the most used keys, view heat- and cold-maps of lock usage, and spot keys whose access has been denied most often, for example. Drilling down to a more granular, single lock or key level helps managers identify who is using which openings and when — and decide whether staff or contractors have the appropriate access rights. These tasks become simpler, even instant.

At a glance, the Tool helps security managers track relevant business activity. They will spot critical patterns in weekly or monthly access use to help plan maintenance schedules more efficiently, for example, among many more bespoke insights into what is happening on-site.

The new Reporting and Analytics Tool is available as a simple subscription add-on to new or current CWM users. CWM already enables a wide range of security workflows, including real-time access management. It can integrate access management with existing business process software to build a single interface which controls everything. Now, its new Reporting & Analytics Tool can help businesses make smarter, better, data-informed decisions.

To learn more about the new Reporting & Analytics Tool for CLIQ® Web Manager, download a free 6-page brochure at https://campaigns.assaabloyopeningsolutions.eu/hubfs/AA_CLIQ_Reporting_&_Analytics_Tool_Brochure_04_2021_ENG_EMEA.pdf 

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