Raising the stakes

Raising the stakes

Innovative end-to-end security and surveillance solution developed by Axis Communications improves operations and security at Napoleons Casinos & Restaurants new Manchester site


The A & S Leisure Group Ltd operates Napoleons Casinos& Restaurants, a popular chain of five entertainment venues across the North of England. Each site is supported by a combination of digital and analogue security and surveillance technologies. When deciding to open the fifth venue in the busy city of Manchester, The A & S Leisure Group Ltd undertook a whole scale review of its security provision with the aim of bringing it up to date and better equipping the casino to address a more sophisticated threat landscape. The new solution would be required to provide full perimeter protection, access control at multiple entrance points, as well as total surveillance of the entire gambling floor to provide a comprehensive ‘eye in the sky’.


Casinos must be adequately protected, not just to secure the premises and protect against fraud or theft, but also to fulfil legal requirements set by the Gambling Commission and local authorities. Working closely with Axis, Brock Business Support was able to commission a solution that would support the business, being fully scalable to meet ongoing challenges. When looking at the requirements of the new site, integration between surveillance cameras and the access control system was an important factor, alongside high-quality imagery, real-time reporting and audio capabilities.

Deterring theft, combatting fraud

The A & S Leisure Group Ltd operates Napoleons Casinos& Restaurants, a successful entertainment chain with premises in Sheffield, Bradford, Leeds, Hull and Manchester. The decision to set up the fifth site in the bustling city of Manchester, UK, presented the team with the perfect opportunity to conduct a strategic review of their security provision from the ground up.

With crime levels increasing and threats becoming more sophisticated through the use of mobile and surveillance technology, a new solution would need to be cyber secure, as well as providing comprehensive security coverage of the entire site.

In the past, security and surveillance systems would be provided by separate vendors according to requirements, and often needed regular ongoing maintenance.

A trial was carried out at the Sheffield site to test an overarching solution from one provider, Axis Communications, designed by Brock Business Support. The A & S Leisure Group Ltd team was impressed with the demonstration, and additional ideas and suggestions were discussed that would maximise the capabilities of the desired solution. Guy Hewson, Head of Security at The A & S Leisure Group Ltd, explains: “When looking at the requirements of the new site, integration between the surveillance and access control systems was an important requirement, together with high quality images from the cameras, and immediate video play back with audio. We turned to Brock Business Support who, through its close working partnership with Axis Communications, was able to specify a system that could be tailor made for our requirements.”

Specification and installation

One hundred cameras were installed at the site, requiring six AXIS T8524 PoE+ Network Switches and recording on three servers, all driven by AXIS Camera Station software running over four viewing stations. The staff entrance utilises an AXIS A8004-VE Network Video Door Station, and all staff are admitted after scanning using a biometric reader. Inside, AXIS M3065-Vnetwork mini dome cameras cover back of house areas, providing a wide-angle view. Gaming tables, money exchange areas, bar and slot machines are monitored by AXIS P3375-V Network Cameras with built in two-way audio functionality. At the roulette wheels AXIS F1015Sensor Units sit inside the table displays, providing a discrete full view with recording capabilities and images that are clear and sharp. Externally the perimeter is covered by AXIS P3245-LVE Fixed Dome Network Cameras with Axis Light finder technology, ideal for variable lighting and weather conditions.

An end-to-end solution for integration

The Axis system is, at the core, a single brand end-to-end solution, but open for integration with other systems using APIs and standard IoT protocols. It is easily scalable, to meet the growing needs of the business and to help them face ongoing challenges as threats evolve and become more sophisticated. Taking the decision to be open for integration means that Axis can draw on the expertise of its partners for certain aspects of the solution. For example, there are six Axis door controllers on site which use system integration technologies provided by Quanika, while connected biometric readers have been supplied by IEVO. These technologies work together seamlessly with the Axis components to make up the complete solution.

AXIS Camera Station makes operation simple for in-house staff. Screens display feeds from multiple cameras, and the ability to capture and export live video data in real-time for the authorities in the event of an incident, provides peace of mind for all at the site. The solution has met all of its objectives, and The A & S Leisure Group Ltd now plans to review the technologies at the other four sites, implementing variations on the design employed so successfully at the Manchester premises.


The A & S Leisure Group Ltd was presented with a comprehensive overarching solution from a single provider. It comprises an Axis door station, an access control management system, and over one hundred surveillance cameras that cover every inch of floorspace with the capability to watch every roulette wheel and game taking place throughout the hall. Multiple displays, crystal clear audio and the ability to quickly and easily retrieve and package video for authorities, results in a comprehensive system that can not only protect at the perimeter, but also monitor every aspect of operations to guard against theft and fraud. Such is the success of the system that the team are rolling it out across their other venues.

For further information please visit https://www.axis.com/en-gb 

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