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The Genesis range from Luminite

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Genesis is a range of wireless and hard wired PIR detectors designed and manufactured in London by Luminite Electronics.

Genesis has an excellent reputation within the security industry and boasts unrivalled perimeter detection, even in the most hostile terrains.  There are two models available, Genesis 1 which looks like a traditional security deterrent, and Genesis 2 which was designed to have a covert look to resemble external lighting.

Various receivers and relay units compliment the range to give a reliable and robust security solution.  The IP masthead allows the system to integrate with a host of partner products including those from  Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic and HeiTel.

Up to 64 wireless PIRs can be used with a single Masthead Receiver over a distance of up to 1km and further if repeaters are used.  There are a number of detection patterns to choose from to suit a wide range of applications from 15 metres up to 60 metres.

A number of improvements have been made to both Genesis models, foremost of which is a new LED display which makes it quick and easy to programme the unit. This replaces the old DIP switches, so functions such as transmission range and sensitivity can now be much more easily adjusted.

Genesis 2 models incorporate revolutionary black mirror optics with quad pyro sensors for highly responsive, accurate detection with excellent false alarm immunity.  They also have improved detection with a 90° rotation arm allowing the unit to look sideways along a perimeter fence or wall. The hard-wired version now has a provision to fit a temporary transmitter module which will allow it to be accurately walk tested.

Geneisis 2 models can be set to operate from Alkaline or Lithium batteries, a distinct advantage for export markets where, for example Lithium batteries are more suitable in colder climates.

Other accessories in the Genesis range include a set / un-set key point,  an external aerial for greater transmission and a walk test instrument to aid installation.

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