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Net2 Secures Sensitive Information at London Legal

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Net2 Secures Sensitive Information at London Legal

London Legal is the number one supplier to London’s top law firms, specialising in providing legal and litigation support services. Due to the collection and storage of sensitive data, the security of their offices is of vital importance.


Following an upgrade to their IT system, and the construction of a new server room, London Legal required an improved security solution that would enable them to monitor and control movement around the site, to protect their secure server and state-of-the-art equipment. Restricting access via the main entrance, and setting access permissions based on role and responsibility were also essential additions to the new system, in order to ensure only authorised personnel could enter secured areas of the building.


London Legal contracted West London Security (WLS), based in South-East London, to provide a solution that would meet their requirements. WLS chose to install Net2 across 4 doors on site. Net2 is a user friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward.

Paul Mason, Sales Consultant at WLS, says: “We chose Paxton products for three reasons. Firstly, for the simple, user-friendly interface which makes things easy for both the client and the engineer. Secondly, because the site is likely to expand, probably one door at a time and Net2 makes that possible. And thirdly, because we’ve always liked Paxton products and their customer and technical support is excellent.”

P50 MIFARE® proximity readers were installed on both sides of the server room door, to restrict access into, and out of, the controlled area. Using the Net2 Pro software, London Legal are provided with a full audit trail of who has gained access to the area, as well as the ability to restrict access to unauthorised personnel.

The proximity readers were also installed at the main entrance, providing free access to staff with valid tokens, whilst ensuring the building remained secure. Using Net2 to integrate with the fire alarm system on site, London Legal are still able to ensure that the main doors will be released to provide safe evacuation in the event of an emergency.


London Legal are extremely pleased with their new Net2 system, and the installation carried out by WLS.  The full audit trail of who has gained access to their secure server provides peace of mind that the highly sensitive data stored is afforded the necessary level of protection.

The integration of Net2 with the fire alarm system has also helped London Legal to meet and maintain their Health & Safety requirements, by taking advantage of the roll-call feature in the Net2 Pro software which provides a real-time list of all users who are present on site.

The Net2 system provides a secure, well-administered environment for both staff and business, that can be expanded across the site as the business grows

“We chose Paxton products for the simple, user-friendly interface which makes things easy for both the client and the engineer.”

Paul Mason

Sales Consultant, West London Security


Type of site: Commercial - Legal Support Services

Location: London

Number of doors/users:

  • 4 doors
  • 100 users

Solution required:

  • Read-in / read-out access control
  • Increased control over movement of staff
  • Multiple access level permissions


  • Valid token required for entry and egress in restricted areas
  • Full audit trail
  • Increased security with Net2 Pro software

 Paxton products used:

  • Net2 Pro Software
  • Net2 Plus Controllers
  • P50 MiFare Readers


  • Fire alarm integration