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More security, greater control

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Integrated solutions with G and B Series for intrusion detection, door control, video integration, fire functionality and mobile access

More than ever, customers are demanding cost-efficient solutions applications while also requesting to cross boundaries of single domains in many applications. As a response, Bosch introduces the new G and B Series control panels and systems. Both solutions offer an integrated use of different physical security and safety domains (intrusion, fire, access, video systems) along with mobile access combined in one system and out of one box. At the same time, they are highly flexible in regards to customization and integration capabilities with market leading integration platforms.

Greater flexibility

Four new panels are available, two G Series panels (B9512G, B8512G) and two B Series (B6512, B5512). In addition a wide range of keypads from LCD text to touch screen keypads and a comprehensive range of expansion modules and communication modules is offered.

G Series panels provide up to 599 intrusion zones for large applications, and the B Series panels up to 96 zones for small to medium sized applications. Four languages are supported – English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. Customers can select two languages per system and choose which one to display per keypad and user. Text messages and email alerts can also be displayed in the user’s selected language to simplify operation.

Built-in Ethernet which supports the future-proof IPv6 protocol sends alarm transmissions to the monitoring station, eliminating the need for a phone line and reducing costs. Remote firmware upgrades provide easy maintenance. One (for B Series) or two (for G Series) plug-in cards can be added per panel, to support alternate communication technologies such as cellular or phone line.

The systems also support control for up to 32 doors to restrict access to only designated users.

Furthermore the system is approved for UL commercial fire alarm applications (G Series) and UL certified residential fire applications (B Series), thus providing life safety out of the same system.

In addition, the systems allows for public address functionality: Speaker messages can be sent to specific zones when an intrusion (life safety) event occurs. Therefore an output from the intrusion panel can be used to execute a message through speakers.

Greater information

G and B Series systems from Bosch offer direct Bosch IP camera integration which allows video motion detection to activate zones on the panel. In addition panel events trigger camera actions. Users see images of events at their facilities sent via email to their mobile device and are always up-to-date. The solution is unique since no additional hardware, cloud or video management applications are required. It also enables the use of sophisticated video analytic capabilities embedded in Bosch IP cameras.

Greater control

Remote programming reduces cost and allows technicians to service systems without traveling to the customer’s facility. Updates can be performed remotely or locally while providing easy maintenance and upgrades.

The free of charge Remote Security Control app for iOS and Android allows arming and disarming of one or more systems and areas as well as controlling outputs and doors. Also, users can view live video from Bosch IP cameras integrated with the panels.

Greater applications

G and B Series from Bosch are suitable from small to very large commercial applications for almost any vertical such as retail, banking, warehouses, office buildings and many more.

The new integrated security solutions are certified against UL 294, 365, 609, 636, 985, 1023, 1076, 1610, 1635 (B and G Series), and UL 864 (G Series only).”  Thus they are suited for use in countries that require UL. In addition, the new G and B Series portfolio can be installed in countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa that do not require an EN certification. All products are CE certified. More informationis available here.