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CLIQ® technology allows flexible access

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CLIQ® technology allows flexible access and cuts the costs of key management at a large shopping centre

Keeping track of keys at Festival Place had become a full-time job. With over 170 shops, a cinema, sports centre and restaurants, the large retail complex has an ever-changing roster of permanent staff, cleaners and out-of-hours contractors. Every one requires secure entry on demand.

At the same time, the public needs open access to a pool and gym, retail outlets and car parks, for 18 hours or more every day. Lockdown was not an option, yet a single lost key could become a security problem for all users and tenants.

The solution was CLIQ®, a security locking system with high-end microelectronics, programmable keys and cylinders.

Installing just over 250 CLIQ® mechatronic cylinders from ASSA ABLOY drastically cut the burden that mechanical key management was placing on site security staff.

Now, cleaners and maintenance workers are issued with a key that allows entry to specific doors for a pre-defined time period. After the permitted time ends, the key no longer works. Using simple online software, site managers can immediately de-authorize and reissue a lost key, or amend any key’s permissions. Only genuine CLIQ® keys with the relevant authorization will open a CLIQ® lock meaning security risks from copied keys is no longer an issue. Generating a comprehensive audit trail—who accessed which lock, and when—takes just a couple of mouse clicks.

CLIQ® has also cut Festival Place operational costs. The electronics in CLIQ® locks are powered by the standard battery inside every CLIQ® key, not mains electricity. Installation was wireless, a huge saving on potentially expensive electrical work.

And with CLIQ®, there’s no need for keyholders to return to an administrator to change or update permissions. Everything is controlled remotely from the admin dashboard, streamlining everyone’s workflows.

At Festival Place, CLIQ® technology now powers a flexible, programmable locking solution. It has put security managers in control of their 102,000 sq. m premises, around the clock, without compromising security.

“We were looking to solve key management issues,” explains Craig Allen, Festival Place’s security centre manager. “CLIQ® enabled us to have more control.”

“We now have plans to phase out mechanical keys altogether, replacing them with CLIQ® within two years.”