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Line Isolator System from Bosch

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Cost-efficient solution for failsafe audio reproduction

Through redundant loudspeaker loops for sound reinforcement and voice alarm systems, the Line Isolator System (LIS) from Bosch cost-effectively assures failsafe audio reproduction in the event of loudspeaker line faults. The easy to install solution for sound reinforcement and voice alarm systems dispenses with costly E30 cabling and reduces installation costs by up to 25 percent. The LIS is fully supervised and perfectly adapted to use in commercial premises such as office buildings and hotels. Typical applications include public address systems covering 6 to 80 zones and more than 25 loudspeakers per zone or systems where fire in one room may not lead to loss of signal in another room.

Each installed line isolator system comprises four elements: A LIS Master Unit, which can supply a total of six (500-watt) loudspeaker loops; a loudspeaker loop consisting of daisy-chained LIS Isolator Boards, which detect and isolate line and loudspeaker faults, and LIS DC Blocking Boards equipped with a DC blocking capacitor and overcurrent protection as well as the installed loudspeakers themselves. The LIS is currently being certified according to EN54 for use in Praesideo systems.