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International Port Security takes place on the 4th and 5th June 2014 in London, UK

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Meet the industry’s leading experts in International Port Security

The Maritime Security Market report forecasts the global maritime security market to grow from $12.55 billion in 2013 to $19.48 billion in 2018, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 9.2% from 2013 to 2018.* The report states port security is imperative due to the increasing number of maritime threats, which may disrupt the international trade and also cause political unrest.
With 2014 showing no sign of slowing up in terms of investment in the sector, it is imperative that stakeholders understand the importance of the challenges faced in ports from: theft of cargo, illegal immigration, drug smuggling and corruption of high level port staff and take the opportunity to network with key nations including UK, Sweden, Brazil, Germany, USA, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Belgium and many more to compare the best practice of global leaders against their own mitigation of threat.
The highly anticipated International Port Security conference returns to London for the 5th annual event. The conference will deliver case studies from over 12 ports around the globe, briefing sessions from government bodies and leading security technology providers to ensure delegates are up-to-date with high priority information that enables you to best secure your seaports, economies and means of trade.
The Conference
SMi, the organisers are pleased to introduce John Dalby, CEO from Marine Risk Management who will chair the conference. John will be joined by a number of key port security professionals to discuss themes including: Maritime security in territorial waters, Global Counter Piracy, EU Port Security Legislation, compliance with the ISPS code, Security Challenges, Case study on: Securing London during the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012 and Corruption at ports.
The conference will present a line-up of esteemed international speakers including 2 keynote addresses from Commander David Phillips, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority discussing ‘Securing London from Waterborne Threats during the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics in 2012’ and Chris Trelawny, Senior Deputy Director, International Maritime Organisation presenting on ‘IMO guidance on maritime security in territorial waters and port areas’. 
The two day conference will also feature presentations from a plethora of international speakers from key ports including: Portuguese Navy, NATO Specialist Team on Harbour Protection 
Maritime Command Northwood, EU Commission, Port of Hamburg, Port of Santos – Brazil, Los Angeles Port Police, Port of Dover, Saudi Ports Authority, Port Of Gothenburg, Port of Antwerp plus many more.
Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in an interactive panel discussion hosted by port security professionals debating on: How secure are America’s seaports and the global cargo system that delivers foreign goods to them? Panellists include EU Commission, Los Angeles Port Police, Maritime Command Northwood and Marine Risk Management.
Pre-Conference Interactive workshop 
On the 3rd June there will be a full day workshop on Maritime Crime, hosted by Neil Hall AFNI MIACP, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Retd). The workshop will deal with a multitude of maritime crime threats. In recent years there has been an abundance of information and media coverage of the risk of piracy issues that dominate the news and industry solutions. This workshop will look into threats that are often overlooked and under rated as key issues.
Interview with Port of London Authority
In the run up to our forthcoming event, SMi are very grateful to their day two keynote speaker, Commander David Phillips, Chief Harbour Master, Port of London Authority for taking time out to give us his view on this year's conference, challenges facing the industry and the future of port security.
Snippet of Interview:
Q. About you – what is your role and current activities, generally speaking?
I am the Chief Harbour Master at the Port of London Authority and so responsible under the terms of the Port of London Act (an Act of Parliament) and the Port Marine Safety Code for managing the safe navigation of all vessels, both commercial and recreational along the 95 miles of the tidal River Thames, which is home also to the 2nd largest port by volume traded in the United Kingdom.
Q. What is the value/strength of this year’s conference?
What particularly struck me about this year’s conference compared with other security conferences I have attended in the past, is its scope and balance. All too often security conferences focus too much on the more newsworthy aspects such as piracy and criminal activity, whereas the real security question very often is more prosaic: which one of many thousands of containers aboard that particular ship is holding the dangerous or illegal cargo? The agenda for this conference shows a very broad scope embracing all the key security issues, including my example above and furthermore is well-balanced in the time apportioned to key security issues.
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