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CLIQ® helps to secure the power supply to 5 million Electricity North West customers

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Upgrading security at Electricity North West Limited presents quite a challenge. The company owns 57,000 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables, as well as 34,000 transformers, in urban and remote rural locations across north-west England. The company needs an access control solution that meets critical infrastructure standards for attack resistance. Key management must be secure and straightforward. Audit trails must be available on demand. CLIQ® locking technology from ASSA ABLOY ticked the boxes.

Key loss can compromise a mechanical key system, and result in unauthorized entry to operational sites. With CLIQ® technology, Electricity North West Limited’s key management is watertight and complex workflows can be managed in an efficient way. The battery-powered CLIQ® keys are programmable, so a temporary contractor can be issued with a key that permits entry to specific sites for a time-limited period. After the authorization period ends, the key no longer works.

With the same CLIQ® software, it’s straightforward to generate an audit trail for any individual lock, key or system user, allowing Electricity North West Limited to quickly see who has accessed which secure areas, and when. Even a lost key no longer presents a security risk: it can simply be de-authorized using the admin software.

To date, ASSA ABLOY installation partner Lincoln Security has fitted almost 15,000 locking cylinders at Electricity North West Limited’s multiple infrastructure sites. The new CLIQ® system offers a high degree of flexibility, as mechanical locking cylinders were installed where access control functionality was not needed. All other access points were equipped with CLIQ® cylinders to control and monitor access. Electricity North West Limited now has almost 2,000 CLIQ® user keys and 43 CLIQ® programming devices to update key access rights remotely.

Padlocks secure gates, fences any many more external locking points. Electricity North West Limited’s old brass padlocks had on occasion been targeted by thieves for their scrap value. The new CLIQ® padlocks all meet required security standards, are tested to BS EN12320, and are certified to LPS 1654. CLIQ® padlocks are also made from chrome-plated hardened steel, with no significant scrap value—yet another persistent problem eliminated by CLIQ® locking technology.

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