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Biggest crime rise in a decade shows no sign of abating

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Biggest crime rise in a decade shows no sign of abating  

Jacksons Fencing comments on the need for adequate perimeter security

Police recorded crime in England and Wales has risen by a worrying 10% in the last year, including an 18% surge in violent crime, according to the latest survey by the Office of National Statistics (ONS).[1] The crime rate itself has risen from 3% in 2015, to 8% in 2016, and now 10% this year. What could be exacerbating this increase is the drop in police numbers, a total of 20,592 officers have been cut since 2010. Crime numbers are expected to continue rising while the amount of police on our streets decrease at such an alarming rate, posing genuine concerns for safety and protection among businesses and individuals.

With reduced police numbers in the face of rising crime, it could be prudent for individuals and companies to consider re-evaluating their property’s security measures to ensure they are safe and protected. Cris Francis, Head of Commercial Sales at Jacksons Fencing comments: “It is always prudent to take security seriously, even more so in times of rising crime. The latest figures reported by the ONS paint a worrying picture and should not be taken lightly. Taking the time to properly assess your overall security including perimeters and access control followed by taking the appropriate steps with quality security products, should eliminate any need for worry. With the use of security measures such as fencing and gates, people can be safe in the knowledge that they and their property are adequately protected.”

Taking basic steps to secure your property’s perimeter can help assuage any security concerns. Jacksons Fencing designs and manufactures high quality perimeter security fencing and access control solutions in the UK. Their team of technical and engineering experts are readily available to provide support to the most complex and challenging projects.

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